The 7th annual F50 Global Capital Summit®, starting Jun 6 2021, with the theme of “Better Homes for Everybody”, is calling to investors, entrepreneurs, and startups to submit presentation or speakers for the innovations in PropTech & Fintech.  This global event will be hosted from Silicon Valley, Austin Texas, as well as online.

With increase in home construction cost and shortage of laborers, this special summit invites investors, entrepreneurs, and startups to support the innovations in PropTech which can improve people’s living, reduce cost and improve efficiency, which can lead to better,more affordable homes for everybody.

Past Summit videos on Youtube Channel:

The F50 Global Capital Summit® is one of the most sought after events for VCs, Angels, LPs, Family Offices, Corporate Ventures, Successful Entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, connecting the next generation of world-changing innovators with strategic partners to power their growth. The event will be hosted online / offline and the content will be featured on F50 Global and Founder World Youtube Channels, Clubhouse, and our social media channel. F50 Global Capital Summit online in 2020 & 2022 had great success with 250,000+ views globally on our youtube channels.

Building on F50’s focus on tech innovation over the past few years, the Summit is an outstanding opportunity to bring together experts, entrepreneurs, and the global investor community to explore synergy.

The Summit is known for the exceptional Speakers as well as its select audience. It will include around 50 speaking sessions, panel discussions, and invitational roundtable discussions by the industry leaders, domain experts, investors and successful entrepreneurs. We hope to attract 100,000 online audiences from around the world.

Presentations / speakers can be submitted on:

Three stages

  • F50 Global Insights Stage (Main Investor Stage)
  • Founder World Stage
  • Executive Roundtable

Activities at the summit

  • Keynote and thought leader presentation & insightful panels
  • F50 Global Insights Ranking Report
  • Speaker & VIP Networking
  • Executive Roundtable discussions

Key tracks

  • Investment Forum
  • Investment Bootcamp
  • F50 Global Report
  • VIP Receptions

PropTech Topics

  • Home Construction Tech:Prefab / Modular / Manufactured / 3D Printing
  • Smart Homes
  • Future of Living
  • Affordable Homes
  • New Materials
  • Sustainable homes
  • Assisted Living home for seniors

FinTech Topics

  • Opportunity Zoo
  • Mortgage and financing
  • Property as investment
  • Blockchain & NFT in Real Estate

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