About F50

F50 is a venture capital syndication platform focused on finding and funding the best companies graduating from the seed stage and moving into their high growth stage. We invest in entrepreneurial teams seeking to transform big ideas into game-changing companies.

We are looking for companies with novel technologies and compelling value propositions with a strong competitive advantage. We’re not interested in teams jumping on the bandwagon of “hot” sectors and creating yet another startup hoping to cash in on a buzzword trend.

Our Collaborative Funding Approach

F50 enables founders to raise capital from serious investors.  The F50 platform facilitates co-investment by qualified venture and strategic investors.  It also provides a syndication mechanism for small investors who want to participate in larger rounds.  Alongside, F50 invests directly in the best startups through its F50 venture funds.

The characteristics of the companies we invest in are:

  • Sectors: Software, hardware, services, communications, life sciences, material sciences
  • Funding: Seeking growth capital of $5,000,000 or more
  • Geography: Primarily California or Western US based, but we are capable of investing globally

If this sounds like your company, please apply for funding.