F50 is a co-investment platform for fundable founders raising $500K-3M.

F50 operates Silicon Valley/SF Bay Area’s largest startup and tech communities with over 35,000+ members across Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs, SF Founder Club, Silicon Valley Android, SF iOS, Internet of Things Bay Area and more as well as university programs at Berkeley and Stanford.

F50 S1 companies raised more than $10M for their round.

F50 aims for S2 companies to raise $15M for their round and has increased its co-investment target to $5M.

Founders: Why should you apply to F50?

  • Keep your equity (No charge for founders, ever.)
  • We help your fundraising strategy (Premium service for top founders)
  • Get plugged into F50’s investor network (We’re talking billions)
  • We’ve got skin in the game (~$5M co-investment this October)
  • Save time (Get in, get funded and get back to your business)
  • Move the needle (We will promote your startup throughout Silicon Valley/ SF Bay Area)
  • Angel Investor matching (Connect you with angels and help you fill your round)

Selection Process:

  • (Apply) – We encourage all eligible startups to apply.
  • (Meet) – We want to get to know you. Sit down for a brief discussion and tell us about your business.
  • (Pitch) – Let investors weigh in. We’ll give you feedback on what you did well or what might make you more attractive.
  • (Advance) Our committee will vote and decide whether or not to advance you onto our Pitch Demo Day.

The Program:

  • Startups get preparation/analysis by F50 team to ensure “fundability”
  • Startups participate in F50 Funded!
  • Startups participate in Demo Day & F50 Summit
  • F50 helps to match companies with the best investors for their business
  • F50 Ventures Network may co-invest in some of the F50 companies
S2 Requirements:
  • Raising $500K-3M
  • “Fundable” Team
  • Lead investor preferred
Primary Target Sectors:
  • Consumer Mobile
  • Enterprise /  Big Data
  • Gaming
  • Smart Hardware/ IoT / Robotics

Final Evaluation Deadline: September 20th, 2014.

F50 S2: Funded! October 20-21 @ Moscone Center, SF


Register early for Season 2

Please register below for Funded!, the biggest startup funding event of the year in Silicon Valley/SF for founders and investors. 

S1 Featured Startup: Congratulations to Oculii founder Steven Hong (PhD, Stanford) who raised more than 1M from F50 Ventures and our co-investors!

“3D sensors have traditionally been the domain of high power, expensive military grade radar or laser systems. Oculii has turned this paradigm on its head – building smarter, high precision sensors by leveraging advanced sensor fusion techniques to extract unprecedented accuracy, range, and 3D positioning information from off the shelf commodity low cost radar elements. F50 was instrumental in helping Oculii achieve this dream, helping them obtain the backing of top-tier Silicon Valley angel investors, VC’s, and strategic partners.” – Steven Hong (F50 S1 Founder)