F50 is a co-investment platform for fundable founders raising $500K-3M.

F50 operates Silicon Valley/SF Bay Area’s largest startup and tech communities with over 35,000+ members across Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs, SF Founder Club, Silicon Valley Android, SF iOS, Internet of Things Bay Area and more as well as university programs at Berkeley and Stanford.

“After 5 years of working with the founders of Silicon Valley like you, I was always trying to help founders make the fundraising process easier. Startup founders spend too much time worrying about fundraising while they could be building their business. Investors replicate each other’s efforts while they could be looking at more deals and building relationships with the founders they want to invest in. We’re working to fix all that. Join us to help shake up the funding process for startups and accelerate innovation in Silicon Valley!” - David @ F50

F50 S1 companies raised $20M for their startups.

Founders: Apply for F50 Season 2

S2 Requirements:
  • Raising 500K-3M
  • “Fundable” Team
  • Lead investor identified
Primary Target Sectors:
  • Consumer Mobile / Social Economy
  • Enterprise /  Big Data / AI
  • Gaming
  • Smart Hardware/ IoT / Robotics

First Evaluation Deadline: August 31, 2014.

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F50 S2: October 20-21 @ Moscone Center, SF

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Register early for Season 2

Please register below for F50 Season 2 on October 20-21 in San Francisco, the biggest startup funding event of the year in Silicon Valley/SF for founders and investors. 

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S1 Featured Startup: Congratulations to Oculii founder Steven Hong (PhD, Stanford) who raised more than 1M from F50 Ventures and our co-investors!

oculii logoOculii leverages decades of academic and industrial experience to provide smarter, more reliable, and higher precision sensors for a variety of applications including automotive, traffic enforcement, aerial imaging, medical, and security. Oculii’s patented radar signal exploitation, video signal processing, and sensor fusion technologies enable unprecedented accuracy, range, and 4D information at lower costs than traditional high precision systems. More: http://oculii.com