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About F50

With F50, Founders Come First. Period.

F50 (Fundable 50) is a private co-investment platform that identifies fundable startups and matches them with investors. F50 is supported by a global community of investors and the largest startup (Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs, SF Founder Club, etc.) and developer communities (iOS, Android, IoT etc.) in the SF Bay Area.

Our S1 companies raised more than $10M, and we’re aiming for S2 companies to raise $15M for their round.


Founders Registered for F50: Funded!


Registered Investors


F50 S2 Founders Selected

Mark Your Calendars!

Day 1

Oct. 20, Moscone Center, SF

F50 Spotlight & F50 Ignite

Day 2

Oct. 21, Moscone Center, SF

F50 Founder Bootcamp

Day 3

Oct. 22, SOMA, SF

F50 Summit in SOMA, SF (35+ startups demo day)

Investors: RSVP HERE

Join 2,500+ registered attendees for F50 Funded! at the Moscone Center North October 20 – 21, 2014


Why Apply to F50?

  • Keep your equity (Absolutely no charge for founders)
  • Get plugged into F50’s investor network (We’re talking billions)
  • We’ve got skin in the game (~$5M co-investment target this October)
  • Save time (Get in, get funded and get back to your business)
  • Move the needle (We will promote your startup throughout Silicon Valley/SF Bay Area)
  • Angel Investor matching (We bring investors to you to help you fill your round)

The Program

F50 searches for the best startups in Silicon Valley and gets them funded. The F50 team helps founders with your fundraising strategy and to connect them with the hundreds of investors in our network. Founders that get in will have the opportunity to showcase their startup at our high-profile Funded! events in front of media, investors, entrepreneurs and the general public. After that, you’ll take the stage at F50’s Private Summit and meet with hundreds of motivated Angels and VCs.