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A Co-investment Platform for Founders and Investors

F50 helps startups connect with investors and other strategic partners who can help them thrive. All companies selected into F50’s private network will have opportunities to connect both online and in person with investors that could be a good match for their company.

Get Funding

F50 has helped over 235 startups reach their target investments from our past seasons. There are absolutely no charges or equity fees to participate in the F50 program.

From Top Investors

F50 Founders get unique opportunities to connect with top strategic investors from the F50 Investor Network who are the best match for their round as well as future rounds.


Spend less time looking for funding and more time on your company. Get in. Get funded. Get back to building your startup.

F50 and Google are teaming up with the startup ecosystem at Founder World: San Francisco’s largest, free public event that invites founders from around the world to learn about how to best navigate their startup journeys. Thousands of founders, community leaders, developers, investors and aspiring entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and around the globe will gather together to engage with industry experts, network with potential partners and see groundbreaking new companies that will define our future.

How It Works


Each season, F50’s Investor Network nominates startups for consideration. Not every great entrepreneur has been discovered yet, so we also leave a door open for any founder to “self-nominate”.


F50’s expert network weighs in on the startups and the best ones for a given season are elevated to our IAC (Investment Advisory Committee) for final voting into the F50 Network.


Accepted startups and the deals for their round are then shared to the F50 Investor Network both online as well as through exclusive in-person events.


F50 founders and investors connect and learn more about each other and find the best matches. Once founders close successfully, they can get back to building their company.

F50 Season Summits

F50 Season Summits are private, invitation-only events intended for members of the F50 Investor Network and the exceptional startups that were selected for the Season to demo on stage.

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“I’m amazed at how rapidly F50 has grown… and how well they’ve done with pulling together an outstanding organization with global reach.”

Bill Reichert
Bill ReichertGeneral Partner, F50 Ventures and Co-founder, F50; Managing Director, Garage Technology Ventures

“The F50 team is an extraordinary group of individuals who have dedicated their efforts to solving one of Silicon Valley’s largest problems: connecting entrepreneurs with the right investors and vice versa. As an investor, I am always impressed by the quality of companies F50 brings together.”

Ossama Hassanein PhD
Ossama Hassanein PhDChairman of the Board at Rising Tide Fund and F50 Investment Advisory Committee Member

“F50 has helped our startup significantly. Their events are well organized and their investor network and platform are also useful. We’re grateful to be a part of their founder network and their help has been an essential part of our company progress.”

Daniel Korenblum
Daniel KorenblumSeason 5 Alumni, Founder of GAMEPREZ

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