To the founders of Silicon Valley:

F50 is YOUR idea. 

F50 is a co-investment platform that identifies the most fundable Pre-Series A startups raising ~2M (1-3M) in Silicon Valley and gets them funded. The founders of F50 startups connect over the course of each season with our investor mentors who help to guide their company and match them with the best investors for their business.


“After 5 years of working with the founders of Silicon Valley like you, I was always trying to help founders make the fundraising process easier. Startup founders spend too much time worrying about fundraising while they could be building their business. Investors replicate each other’s efforts while they could be looking at more deals and building relationships with the founders they want to invest in. We’re working to fix all that. Join us to help shake up the funding process for startups and accelerate innovation in Silicon Valley!” - DC @ F50

F50 S1 Startups

Season 2 Draft Now Open

More than 200 Investors Registered for F50 Funded! Season 1:

Top VCs, Angel groups and Corporate Ventures including ABB Technology Ventures, Acorn Venture Partners, Altius Ltd, Aranca Ventures, Atrium Capital, Bee Partners, Blueseed, BrownDeck Ventures, Canvas Venture Fund, Cells Capital LLC, Citi Ventures, cybernaut, Darling Ventures, DFJ, DFJ VTB Aurora, Energy Excelerator, Department of Defense, Espial Ventures, Foxconn Ventures, FungCapitalUSA, Gartner Inc., Gate Ventures, GGV Capital, Global Catalyst Partners, Goldman Sachs, Google Inc, GSR Ventures, H & A, Handmade Ventures, Hanhai Investment, Hillcrest Venture Partners, Honda Silicon Valley Lab, Honda SV Lab/Strategic Ventures, IBM Ventures, Impact Ventures, IPV Capital, Khosla Ventures, Kinzon Capital, Konica Minolta, KPMG, LeBox Capital, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Lumeira Holdings, Merrill lynch, NetService Ventures, Qualcomm, QuestVC, Rightventures, Rubicon Point Partners, Samsung Electronics, Sand Hill Angels, Saraca, Seedchange, Sequoia, Siemens Venture Capital, Sierra Ventures, SK Telecom, Sony, Stanford, Startup Ready, SV LATAM Fund, Tandem Capital, Tech-Rx, TransLink Capital, True Global Ventures, Unlimited Capital, Vedrona Group, Voivoda Ventures, VT Ventures, Western Union Digital Ventures, XSeed Capital, Zetta Venture partners, ZPARK VENTURE, zPark Venture dozens of angels from Sand Hill Angels, Angels Forum, Keirretsu Forum and the largest ever delegation of Chinese angel investors.

F50 Season 2 Launch: October 20-21 in SF