• Connecting startups with top-tier professional and strategic investors

F50: a private founder and investor network

Founders: Quality Connections

Founders invited to the F50 Network can privately share their story and vision with hundreds of professional and strategic investors in the F50 Investor Network. Founders can connect with investors who are the best match for their current round, while building relationships for future investment and partnerships.

Investors: Powerful Deal Flow

Investors get unprecedented access to high quality dealflow from the F50 Network. Investors can select deals which are the best match for their current deployment strategy while building relationships with founders for future investment opportunities. There are no fees for qualified professional investors to participate in the network.

F50 Upcoming Highlights

F50 Season 5

F50 is hosting its biggest season ever to help 100 startups raise $100M USD. Sectors include: Consumer Mobile, Enterprise, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Gaming and Smart Hardware.

Global Innovation Awards

F50 is co-hosting the Global Innovation Awards with ShengJing Group which includes $1.5M USD in cash awards and $15M USD in investment for finalists.