F50 is a venture capital syndication platform dedicated to finding and funding the next generation of startups. F50 works in collaboration with an Investor Network of top venture capitalists, angels and strategic corporate investors from Silicon Valley and around the world. F50 has built a Founder Network that provides unmatched outreach into the innovation ecosystem. F50 helps the most promising startups that have graduated from the seed stage raise growth capital of $5 million or more. F50 does not charge founders who are accepted into the network.

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Join the Founder Network and raise your perfect round with F50. Email invest@f50.io for more information.

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Join the Investor Network and gain access to VC quality syndicates and startups in the Founder Network. Email investors@f50.io for more information.

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Silicon Valley A.I. Summit

F50 and Cheetah Mobile are co-hosting a private gathering for Silicon Valley founders in the Artificial Intelligence ecosystem at the upcoming Silicon Valley A.I. Summit on Thursday, June 23 from 2:00-6:00pm in Palo Alto. The [...]

F50 Investor Roadshow

Join F50 on an exclusive trip to China’s greatest startup ecosystems and connect with top global investors and influencers. A select group of Silicon Valley CEOs and founders will learn about the Chinese venture capital [...]

F50 Ventures Adds VR Company to its Portfolio

The F50 Team welcomes VOKE VR to the F50 Ventures portfolio. VOKE VR is a virtual reality technology company that specializes in live streams of sports and music events. The Series A round was led [...]