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The F50 team is excited to announce that we have partnered with SpringUp Capital for the F50 Global Capital Summit Austin 2021!

About SpringUp Capital

SpringUp Capital is a Micro-VC fund and Scale-Up Accelerator; focusing on spotting, funding, mentoring, and scaling start-ups. Supported by a strong accelerator program, SpringUp enables start-ups across the world to find markets to scale. Mission: We scale early-stage technology companies to rapidly grow their business and expand globally by providing international mentoring, global eco-system of accelerators & funding.

Spring Up Capital is supported by global investment, global accelerator programs, and technology start-up ecosystem; which will enable global technology companies to grow their business by providing expertise, ecosystem, and capital for the growth. SpringUp Capital has MOU signed across universities; global incubators and accelerators to facilitate exchange programs of start-ups. Differentiators and Approach We help startups to attain global scale, through SpringUp’s Accelerator Program; and help startups to grow to India, APAC, Europe, and North American markets.

Partner Team: A global partner team; with decades of PE, VC, and Business Growth experience ready to help. Engaged Execution Approach: Spring Up team will be part of the business execution, making those business connections, spending time in defining growth strategy, traveling with you to introduce to other incubators, and acting as a bouncing board for product innovation.

About the F50 Global Summit

The F50 Global Capital Summit® is one of the most sought-after events for VCs, Angels, LPs, Family Offices, Corporate Ventures, Successful Entrepreneurs, Investors, and industry leaders, connecting the next generation of world-changing innovators with strategic partners to power their growth.  The event will be hosted online and the content will be featured on F50 Global and SVE Youtube Channels, Clubhouse, and our social media channel.

About the F50, LLC

F50 identifies the most promising early-stage technology companies in North America by leveraging the collective intelligence of its deep roots of startup communities, the large reach of corporate partners and investor network, and industry experts. We support the growth of these companies with corporate partnerships, market development, and venture financing; together with our global network. F50 is based in Austin Texas, and Silicon Valley.

F50 Ventures is an early-stage investment firm focus on Silicon Valley and Austin, invested in 30+ startups. .Our portfolio: Knightsope (IPO 2021), Doc.AI (IPO 2021), Plastic, Flirtey, Oculii, Voke VR (Sold to Intel), Invi (Sold to Google), Gummicube.

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