F50 presents David Cao, Managing Partner at F50 Ventures, to welcome you to the 6th annual F50 Global Capital Summit® Austin 2021.

David will talk about connecting the city of Austin, Texas with Silicon Valley as well as Global Startup Ventures.

The F50 Global Capital Summit® is one of  the most sought after events for VCs, Angels, LPs, Family Offices, Corporate Ventures, Successful Entrepreneurs, Investors and industry leaders, connecting the next generation of world-changing innovators with strategic partners to power their growth.  The event will be hosted online and the content will be featured on F50 Global and SVE Youtube Channels, Clubhouse, and our social media channel.  F50 Global Capital Summit online in 2020 (Spring and Fall) had great success with 200,000+ views  globally on our youtube channels in 2020.

For the first time, the Spring summit of 2021 will be hosted in Austin— virtually connecting American’s two largest economies: Texas Startup Venture Ecosystem and F50’s stronghold of Silicon Valley, as well as startup venture leaders from India, Mexico, China, and around the world.  Building on F50’s focus on tech innovation over the past few years, the Summit is an outstanding opportunity to bring together experts, entrepreneurs, and the global investor community to explore the synergy between Texas and Silicon Valley.

About David Cao 

Managing Partner of F50 Ventures, CEO or F50, Founder of SVE

David is a pioneer and passionate leader of the venture capital ecosystem in Silicon Valley, and built the F50 ecosystem system, where he drove the selection of 500 startups to the F50 platform, and lead the investment into 30 of them, including Knightsope (IPO 2021), Doc.AI (Sold at 20X), Plastic, Flirtey, Oculii, Seven.ai, Zeitro, Voke VR (Sold to Intel), Invi (Sold to Google), David has intensive experience in healthtech, deeptech.  

David founded Silicon Valley’s largest grassroots entrepreneur community SVE, where he hosted SVE Talk and SVE Demo. He is the producer of F50 Global Capital Summit, and F50 Global Insights youtube channel. He is also serving or served as an advisor for DocuSign, Ehouse Capital, Peakview Fund of Fund.  David Cao was the Founder & CEO of GWC US (Sold to holding company); the founding president of the Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Toastmaster Club; founder and CEO of ExtendLogic (Acquired by BeyondSoft). Prior, he was the VP of Engineering at PlayPhone (Acquired by Gungho), a leading mobile entertainment in USA, and Engineering lead for LightSurf, acquired by VeriSign for 274M USD