50 Most Active PropTech Investors  2022

Name Investment Stage Location AUM URL Description Founding Year
500 Startups Seed San Francisco, California, United States $2.7 billion + https://500.co/ Committed over $454M in capital across 4 main funds and 15 thematic funds. Invested in 2,200+ technology startups globally since its inception in 2010 including Twilio (NYSE: TWLO), Credit Karma, SendGrid, Grab, GitLab,Bukalapak, Canva, Udemy, TalkDesk, Intercom, Ipsy, MakerBot (acquired by SSYS), Wildfire (acquired by GOOG), and Viki (acquired by Rakuten). 2010
Amplify Partners Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture, Seed Menlo Park, California, United States $150 million https://amplifypartners.com/ Invest in technical founders and early-stage companies pioneering novel applications in machine intelligence and computer science. 2012
Apex Venture Partners Debt, Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture, Private Equity Chicago, Illinois, United States $600 million https://www.apex.ventures/ Six funds and more than $600 million under management. The firm has invested in over 130 technology companies. Apex focuses on early stage investments in software applications, technology-enabled services, IT infrastructure, and telecommunications. 1987
Bain Capital Real Estate LP Series A – Series D, no typical deal size Boston, Massachusetts, United States $3 billion + https://www.baincapital.com/businesses/real-estate Focus on the proptech sector and real estate. Prominent investments include Smartrent, Ribbon, 1roofstock, and Reonomy. 1984
Bee Partners Early Stage Venture, Seed San Francisco, California, United States $150 million https://www.beepartners.vc/ Pre-Seed in enterprise/B2B, investing pre-revenue and pre-product. Recent investments were in robotics, voice, AI, synthetic biology, and B2B market networks, spanning healthIT, logistics, manufacturing, agriTech and supply chain, among others. Been the first check writer in 60% of portfolio, led or co-led 17 of last 20 investments, 70% of our companies succeed to the Series A, and resolve 95% of our portfolio requests within 48 hours. 2009
Brightpath Capital Partners Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture, Private Equity Oakland, California, United States $29.1 million https://www.brightpathcapital.ca/ Invests in talented management teams and high-growth businesses, creating jobs, wealth and sustainable environments in the communities where they work and live. They provide innovative investment solutions rooted in in-depth research and a disciplined investment process. 2010
Building Ventures Series A. Typically invest anywhere from $10 million-$50 million Boston, Massachusetts, United States $500 million + https://fifthwall.com/ Invests in early stage venture startups. Multiple industry focus, but looking to invest in proptech starttups. (Fieldlens, Gocontractor, Honest Buildings, etc.) 2018
Camber Creek Series A – Series B, average deal size of $1 million -10 million Washington, D.C. $500 million + https://cambercreek.com/ One of the earliest investors in proptech, a multi-stage venture capitlal firm that focuses on companies that have the potential to grow into extremely large enterprises. Invested in Bowery, Arcadia, Flyhomes. 2011
Chloe Capital Convertible Note, Early Stage Venture, Seed Ithaca, New York, United States NA https://chloecapital.com/ An early stage venture capital firm focused on decreasing the gender gap by investing in women-led tech companies and creating educational programs for next gen investors. Our vision is to advance entrepreneurship, investment and economic opportunities for women of all colors. 2017
Comet Labs Early Stage Venture, Seed San Francisco, California, United States $3 billion + https://cometlabs.io/ We invest in early stage artificial intelligence (AI) and deep technologycompanies transforming the world’s biggest industries. Our thesis is that AI and Robotics will revolutionize productivity in every vertical and unlock human potential. We started as a fund focused on investing in AI startups, but quickly understood that AI startups have little trouble raising money. Instead, they have a whole assortment of other common needs and challenges with building their businesses. 2015
Crosslink Capital Early Stage Venture, Seed San Francisco, California, United States $3 billion https://www.crosslinkcapital.com/ Had the opportunity topartner with defining companies such as Bleacher Report (acquired by TWX), BuildingConnected (acquired by ADSK), Chime, Coupa (COUP), DataStax, Molekule, Omniture (acquired by ADBE), Personal Capital (acquired by Empower Retirement), Postmates (acquired by UBER), ServiceMax (acquired by GE), Verodin (acquired by FEYE), Vungle (acquired by Blackstone) and Weave. 1989
Decathlon Capital Partners Private Equity Palo Alto, California, United States NA https://decathloncapital.com/ Provides growth capital for companies seeking alternatives to traditional equity investment. Through the use of highly customized revenue-based financing solutions, Decathlon provides long-term growth capital without the dilution, loss of control and operational overhead that often comes with equity-based funding. 2010
E8 Angels Early Stage Venture Seattle, Washington, United States NA https://www.e8angels.com/ Sole focus is on early-stage cleantech companies whose innovations will increase the sustainability and health of the planet. It provides promising early-stage cleantech companies across North America with investment capital and guidance to help achieve marketsuccess and accelerate the transition to a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable, and prosperous planet. 2006
Element Partners Early Stage Venture, Private Equity Radnor, Pennsylvania, United States $759 million http://www.elementpartners.com/ Invests exclusively in established high growth companies in the energy and clean technology markets. They specifically focus on companies with innovative solutions to global energy, resource, and environmental problems. Successfully managed over $1.2 billion in capital commitments spanning six investment partnerships. All of these partnerships have been focused on investing in and profitably growing energy, industrial, and environmental related businesses. 2005
EnerTech Capital Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture, Private Equity Ambler, Pennsylvania, United States $500 million https://www.enertechcapital.com/ Focus on Mobility, Industry 4.0, and Connected Customer. Since its founding in 1996, EnerTech has made 72 investments and has managed over $500 million in capital commitments. EnerTech works with investors and stakeholders from corporates with growing innovation programs to seasoned investors seeking differentiated opportunities for strategic capital deployment or tailored solutions. 1996
Eniac Ventures Debt, Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture, Seed New York, New York, United States $150 million https://eniac.vc/ When lead seed round they provide support through our Eniac Platform and hands on approach. Free support for talent recruiting with emphasis in engineering, public relations and marketing support, operations resources to manage staff, business development and networking opportunities with thousands of the companies, investors, and brands, onnections to other founders in Eniac’s portfolio to explore synergies and opportunities Fundraising support including pitch deck guidance, follow on investor strategy, and syndicate building. 2009
Fifth Wall Typically invests anywhere from $500k to $2.5 million. Los Angeles, California, United States $100 million + https://fifthwall.com/ Manages largest fund with a specialization in real estate technology. Focus on early stage and late stage investments. Invested in Built, Flyhomes, Homebound. 2016
Fledge Debt, Early Stage Venture, Seed Seattle, Washington, United States $5 million https://www.fledge.co/ Network of business accelerators operating around the world, working with startups in every country. Our focus is on mission-driven for-profit companies, i.e. companies that are working on meaningful problems of the world, using a for-profit business model to solve those problems. Problems like poverty and hunger in emerging markets,recycling and sustainability, green energy, inequality, and more. 2012
Foundation Capital Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture Palo Alto, California, United States $6 billion + https://foundationcapital.com/ Made up of former entrepreneurs who set out to create the firm they wanted as founders. Investments include AdRoll, Beepi, Bolt Threads, DogVacay, Kik, ForgeRock, Lending Home, Localytics, and Visier. The firm’s twenty-six IPOs include Lending Club, OnDeck, Chegg, Sunrun, MobileIron, Control4, TubeMogul, Envestnet, Financial Engines, Netflix, NetZero, Responsys and Silver Spring Networks. 1995
General Catalyst Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture, Seed Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States $33 billion https://www.generalcatalyst.com/ Provide ongoing momentum that accelerates ideas, careers, and companies toward standout success. They create the ideal conditions for growth, surround clients with the right people, and offer mentorship based on deep experience. 2000
Grassroots Business Fund NA Washington, District of Columbia, United States $60 million https://www.gbfund.org/ GBF successfully closed a $49,000,000 private investment fund and have raised an additional $12,000,000 in grants from donors to benefit the non-profit arm of GBF. This positions us well to pursue our mission to build and support High Impact Businesses, while alsogenerating a financial return to the private investment fund. Together, the fund and non-profit help our clients scale, and provide sustainable economic opportunities to millions of people in low income communities. 2008
Index Ventures Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture, Seed San Francisco, California, United States $3.1 billion https://www.indexventures.com/ Partnered with exceptional entrepreneurs who are using technology to reshape the world around us. The companies they’ve started include Adyen, Deliveroo, Dropbox, Farfetch, King,Slack, and Supercell. 1996
Innovating Capital Convertible Note, Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture, Private Equity, Seed, Venture New York, New York, United States $1 billion https://innovating.capital/ Investing in start-ups, early stage, and growth stage companies. It invests in disruptive sectors and cutting-edge technologies with a focus on enterprise industry verticals such as infrastructure, financial technologies, cybersecurity, life sciences, and insurancetechnologies. 2017
Intelis Capital Early Stage Venture, Seed Dallas, Texas, United States NA https://www.inteliscapital.com/ Meaningful breakthroughs by supporting new-age craftsmanship in an innovation ecosystem. They support founders who are working to solve problems in the largest industries that shape our everyday lives. It is based in Dallas, Texas, United States 2018
Keiretsu Forum Debt, Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture, Seed San Francisco, California, United States NA https://www.keiretsuforum.com/ A worldwide network ofcapital, resources and deal flow with chapters in Andalucía, Barcelona, Beijing, Boise, Chennai, India, Donostia/San Sebastián, East Bay, Istanbul, Kirkland-Eastside, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Miami, New York, North Bay, Orange County, Paris, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Shanghai, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Spokane-Inland, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Vancouver, Ventura County, Victoria-Vancouver Island/BC , Washington D.C., Waterloo-Wellington. Believes that through a holistic approach that includes interlocking relationships with partners and key resources, they can offer an association that produces the highest quality deal-flow and investment opportunities. 2000
Khosla Ventures Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture Menlo Park, California, United States $15 billion https://www.khoslaventures.com/ Over $15b assets under management, the firm focuses on a range of areas including consumer, enterprise, education,advertising, financial services, semiconductors, health, big data, agriculture, food, sustainable energy, and robotics. 2004
LAB Ventures Incubator, Venture Capital Miami, Florida, United States $200 million + https://www.labventures.co/ Early stage PropTech Venture Capital firm that creates from scratch, partners with founders and invests in disruptive new digital businesses in partnership with Real Estate and Construction corporations. 2017
Lateral Capital Debt, Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture New York, New York, United States $497.75 million https://lateralcapital.com/ Back companies that provide foundational technologies for the continent. We make debt and equity investments technology-enabled businesses that profitably solve significant pain points across financial services, healthcare, education,energy, agriculture, housing, logistics, mobility and more. 2016
Menlo Ventures $10-$20 million Menlo Park, California, United States $5 billion https://www.menlovc.com/ One of the oldest venture firms. Invest from seed to early-stage capital, recently investing in proptech technologies (OpenSpace, Polly) 1976
MetaProp Series A – Series D, average deal size of $2-$5 million New York City, New York, United States NA https://www.metaprop.vc/ Metaprop is an early-stage, seed and venture capital firm that is focused on real estate -focused asset, commercial, proptech etc. Invested in Aldoa, GoFloor, Floorfy, Homelister, 1build. 2015
New Enterprise Associates Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture Menlo Park, California, United States $20 billion + https://www.nea.com/ Over $19 billion in cumulative committed capital since firm’s founding in 1977. Invests in technology and healthcare companies at all stages in a company’slifecycle, from seed stage through IPO. More than 210 portfolio company IPOs and more than 360 acquisitions. 1977
R7 Partners Management Early Stage Venture, Seed Chicago, Illinois, United States $10 million https://r7.vc/ Invests in early-stage companies building transformational technologies. 2013
Resolute Ventures Early Stage Venture, Seed San Francisco, California, United States N/A https://resolute.vc/ Make investment decisions quickly. Very soon after your first meeting, they will either pass or articulate a discrete roadmap to a decision. They will invest as little as $50k and as much as $750k in a company’s initial financing. They prefer being a lead investor and guiding our entrepreneurs to the key milestones for a successful venture round. They dislike “headless” seed rounds that lack a lead investor. Post investment they immediately focus on ensuring these milestones are clearly defined, and work to help our entrepreneurs achieve them. Rinse and repeat. 2011
RET Ventures Series A – Series D Park City, Utah, United States $200 million + https://www.ret.vc/ Early stage venture fund focused on real estate technology companies for the multifamily industry. Invested in proptech startups which control a series of IoT-based devices like Lula, Kasa, Smartrent, Get Covered. Proptech focus is what makes them dominant in the field. 2017
Rustic Canyon Partners Debt, Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture, Private Equity, Seed Santa Monica, California, United States $800 million https://rusticcanyon.com/ Invests in Internet, digital media, energy and efficiency, consumer web, clean technology, wireless, computer storage and peripherals, security software, and outsourcing sectors. 1999
Saints Capital Debt, Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture, Private Equity San Francisco, California, United States $1 billion https://www.saintscapital.com/ A direct secondary acquirer of venture capital and private equity investments in emerging growth companies. Saints Capital also makes traditional direct venture capital investments on a primary basis and in special situations intechnology, health care, consumer and industrial companies in the Unites States. 2000
Singularity University Ventures Early Stage Venture, Seed Mountain View, California, United States $1 billion + https://go.su.org/ventures Connecting the people,capital, and ideas that promise to solve humanity’s Global Grand Challenges. Activated by our startup-programs, and circling our 7 international campuses, 18 international summits, 127 chapters in 63 countries, and nearly 200,000 highly-influential alumni, our globally distributed legion of faculty, visionaries, successful entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, domain experts, imagineers, makers, mentors, investors, corporates, NGOs, movers, shakers and policy-makers, provide entrepreneurs with exceptional insight, advice, support, network connections, and force-acceleration. With a portfolio of 60 companies representing cumulative capitalization of over half-a-billion dollars, we are impact investors, seeking to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return. We believe that building a better world is the ultimate investment — this is our inspiration, and our mission. 2008
Social Capital Early Stage Venture, Post-Ipo, Seed Palo Alto, California, United States $1.89 billion https://www.socialcapital.com/ Aim to drive a bottom-up redistribution of power, capital and opportunity by addressing human needs through technology. 2011
SOSV Seed Princeton, New Jersey, United States $1 billion + https://sosv.com/ Focused on two areas: cross-border markets that are ripe for explosive growth and revolutionary technology that promises the betterment of humanity and the planet. 1995
SPK Partners NA New York, New York, United States $3.5 billion https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/spk-capital Prefer to invest in businesses operating in the energy and environmental services, information technology and clean technology sectors. 1997
Staenberg Venture Partners Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture Seattle, Washington, United States $100 million https://staenberg.com/ Provides more than just financial contributions. They help their portfolio companies build winning management teams and obtain access to expert resources. All of their Limited Partners work in the high-tech industry, many playing influential roles. They add value through consulting to early-stage companies and co-invest in later-stage companies alongside other institutional funds. 1998
Techstars Seed Boulder, Colorado, United States $850 million + https://www.techstars.com/ Techstars accelerator portfolio includes more than 1,000 companies with a market cap of $8.1 billion. 2006
The Westly Group Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture, Private Equity, Seed Menlo Park, California, United States $700 million https://westlygroup.com/ Investing in the most innovative companies in the energy, transportation and smart building sectors. With extensive operating experience in the private and public sectors, from Silicon Valley to Washington, D.C. and beyond, TheWestly Group uses its experiences to give firms the momentum they need to achieve their potential. 2007
Third Prime Early Stage Venture, Seed New York, New York, United States NA https://thirdprime.vc/ Venture firm focused primarily on the FinTech, PropTech and Crypto sectors. 2016
Thrive Capital $500k to $30 million per round New York City, New York, United States $3 billion+ https://thrivecap.com/ Prefers to invest at early-stages and the seed investment process. Invested in Compass, Loft, Nextdoor. Not focused in Proptech, but location makes it a prime investor. 2009
Tiger Global Management Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture, Post-Ipo, Private Equity, Secondary Market New York, New York, United States $95 billion https://www.tigerglobal.com/ Focus primarily on the global Internet, technology, telecom, media consumer, and industrial sectors. The private equity strategyhas a ten-year investment horizon and targets growth-oriented private companies. The public equity efforts emphasize deep due diligence on individual companies and long-term secular themes. 2001
VantagePoint Capital Partners Debt, Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture, Private Equity, Seed San Bruno, California, United States $4 billion + https://www.keiretsuforum.com/ More than $4.5 billion in capital under management and invests in the cleantech, healthcare, and IT sectors. 1996
ward.ventures Convertible Note, Debt, Early Stage Venture, Late Stage Venture, Private Equity, Seed, Venture Dallas, Texas, United States NA https://www.ward.ventures/ ward.ventures is a private investment firm that invests in venture capital, private equity, managed funds and strategic partnerships. 2015
Wilshire Lane Capital Series A, average deal size of $1 million-20 million Los Angeles, California, United States $100 million + https://wilshirelanecapital.com/ New fund looking to invest in broad real estate technology sector. Invested in Workchew, Hungry house, Neighbor. 2021
Ying Fund Early Stage Venture, Seed Los Angeles, California, United States $4.8 million https://www.theyingfund.com/ Provide the tools needed to quickly scale and achieve series A round with the correct model, go to market strategy, and the right team. We are enthusiastic about consumerentertainment, health and retailcompanies. To these partnerships we bring adaptable capital, deep domain knowledge, access to transformative industry connections and strategic and operational skill to our investments. 2019

This report is informational only. The release is based on public data and may miss organnizations who are not currently releasing their data.