F50 Syndicates $1 to $5 Million for Leading Startups Raising Series A and B Rounds to Its Exclusive F50 Investor Network

SAN FRANCISCO – February 18, 2016 – F50, a venture capital startup and private co-investment platform, announced today that it has debuted the beta version of its co-investment platform and has successfully begun syndication. The firm has secured commitments to invest over $1 million in Knightscope’s Series B round of funding, a company that has developed technology to predict and prevent crime utilizing autonomous robots.

Unlike other platforms, F50 differentiates itself by syndicating larger amounts, starting at $1 million and currently ranging up to $5 million, for a very select number of highly promising technology companies raising series A and series B rounds. Participants in the F50 Syndication Platform must be accredited investors.

“We are deeply committed to raising capital for the best Silicon Valley startups and connecting them with a high-caliber group of strategic and global investors within the F50 Investor Network,” said David Cao, Founder and CEO of F50. “Our first syndicate was successfully oversubscribed which is a strong indicator of our Investor Network’s thirst for investing in high quality startups. We are excited to continue this momentum with future syndicates.”

F50 does not charge a transaction fee to founders and will only syndicate companies that offer a compelling value proposition, a competitive edge, and proven traction in their markets. F50 has the unique advantage of global reach into a large network of strategic investors, venture capitalists, angels, and corporate investors interested in funding amazing startups and investing in Silicon Valley venture funds. In particular, F50 has access to a broad and deep network of Chinese investors. In addition, the firm has its own F50 Venture Fund that frequently co-invests with its Investor Network.

Another feature that differentiates the F50 approach is a model that incorporates both offline and online connections. “At the end of the day, the key to venture capital investing is enabling the investor and the entrepreneur to look at each other eyeball to eyeball,” said Bill Reichert, Co-Founder and Managing Director of the F50 Garage Venture Fund. “Top tier investors and entrepreneurs cannot restrict themselves to an online-only process.”

F50 plans to continue building more functionality and features to its syndication platform to make it easier for founders to create and launch their venture financing campaigns, and for investors to connect with founders.

Accredited investors interested in joining the F50 Investor Network should contact invest@f50.io. Founders ready to raise funding for their startups should contact founders@f50.io.

About F50
Founded in March 2014, F50 is a venture capital syndication platform dedicated to finding and funding the next generation of startups in collaboration with its Investor Network of top venture capitalists, angels and strategic corporate investors from Silicon Valley, China and around the globe. F50 has built a Founder Network that provides unmatched outreach into the innovation ecosystem. The firm helps the most promising startups raise growth capital of $1 to $5 million or more via its private co-investment syndication platform. For more information, visit www.f50.io.

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For press inquiries please contact Evelyn Donis at evelyn@f50.io.