Global Capital Summit 2019 is organized by F50,  Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs, and Community Media The summit will feature 30+ speaking sessions including thought leader talk, investment trends, and extraordinary products and innovations, around 500 attendees from world-leading corporations, and the global investment ecosystem. The attendees are corporate executives, angel investors, venture funds, influential long-term investors, and a small group of high-potential local early founders.

GCS will feature the following content in the format of the keynote, fireside chat, panel, and presentations (preliminary, more to come):

  • Angel and Venture Investment
    • Is now the winter for startup or investor?
    • The rising of angel investors
    • Women in angel and venture investment
    • Emerging new forces at Sand Hill
    • Foreign investment in Silicon Valley: Iseral, China, Japan, India, Russia, Middle East
  • Universities and Incubators
    • Seeding the next generation founders
    • The global opportunities and challenges for early-stage startups
  • Future Technology
    • Improve one billion people’s health
    • AI & robots: the turning point
    • Greentech: How investors help sustainability 
  • Corporate Ventures
    • Corporate in the startup ecosystem: the force awakens
  • F50 Report 
  • Startup Demo: Select early-stage Startup Demos

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