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To everyone who joined us at the F50 2018 Synergy Blockchain Summit we hope you discovered newfound insights about trends in the crypto world, and gained valuable industry connections. A special thanks to our sponsors Grubmarket, Nebulas, UPower, Open Garden, OnePiece, and GeniPaper Studios for contributing to this successful event. Be sure to sign up for F50’s newsletter at to be the first to know about future events, and stay tuned for F50’s Founder World convention coming to San Francisco this September!

About synergy

The Synergy Blockchain Summit, a fusion of traditional venture capital and blockchain investment. Meet VCs, investors, thought leaders, and select entrepreneurs as we learn from industry experts about the future of blockchain investment and Token economy compliance.

The summit will feature over 50 global leaders from the top law firms, CPA’s, and VC’s in the investment ecosystem, along with extraordinary blockchain companies, and 400+ attendees from the venture capital and global investment community, including select VC executives, influential long-term investors, corporate ventures and corporate executives, asset management companies, and a group of high potential local CEOs.

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Presenting Companies

Jack Tao

GrubMarket is the fastest-growing and biggest farm-to-table eCommerce company in the West Coast with operations primarily at California. The company purchases farm produce directly from hundreds of farms and deliver them to thousands of restaurants, grocery stores, corporate offices and individual consumers, as well as to Chinese eCommerce giants Alibaba and JD. With a profitable financial status at over $100 million annual run rate, GrubMarket is expanding quickly to East Coast and overseas market such as China. GrubMarket believes that a next-generation supply-chain blockchain solution that tailors toward the food industry will revolutionize this traditional market. The company aims to use blockchain technology to make assets easier to track, maintain and exchange. GrubMarket has developed a multi-blockchains environment and a complete end-to-end DAPP solution that target this $1.6 trillion dollar industry. GrubMarket plans to introduce an ERC-20 coin called the “WQS” and a privately managed coin called the “QS”. Merchants and business will earn QS coin by providing connectivity and making transactions on the network. Non-business entities will earn QS by applying to become a member and participate actively in the network.

Dr. Terry Xing

UPower is a decentralized clean self-energy ecosystem that is powered by its own clean energy hardware and blockchain based software system. It aims to establish an Apple-like ecosystem in the clean energy domain. The platform ranges from power generation, storage, transmission, distribution, trading, consumption and sharing to achieve a completely decentralized global clean energy system. UPower also proposes the world’s first clean energy driven consensus mechanism called Delegated Proof of Power (aka, DPOP). Participants of the ecosystem can also use UPower hardware to mine UPC tokens or other cryptocurrencies to contribute to the network. So no matter which part of the UPower network you choose to take part in, you’ll be rewarded with UPC Tokens for your contribution to build a cleaner future!

Paul Hainsworth

Open Garden is changing the way people connect to the Internet. By enabling anyone to securely share their own Internet connection and earn money, the Open Garden protocol empowers millions of people to create their own networks in their own communities, while making Internet access more affordable, faster and private. Open Garden turns your phone into a hotspot and securely shares your WiFi connectivity to other Open Garden users in range. Other users never see your personal information or content. Depending on your phone and the speed of the connection, you can stream up to 4K video in real time through Open Garden. In early 2018, you can earn Open Garden cryptocurrency for sharing your connection. Use it to pay for bandwidth when you’re on the go, or convert it to local currency.

Michael Fuller

Genipaper is a one-stop media hub where you can create, distribute and process payments for high quality original film, gaming, sports and technology content. Our full-service studios allow you to create the content, our dedicated Blockchain smart contract exchange data center allows you to securely distribute the content and get payment instantly from OTT distributors or from the consumers directly. Similarly, you can pay your right holders instantly using these smart contracts all while you perpetually manage and track your IP. GeniPaper is a revolutionary type of multimedia studio; a smart residential and commercial film and technology development hub for creating original media content. This content can be hosted on our own dedicated, decentralized data center using Blockchain smart contracts on a GeniPaper propriety exchange platform.

Micha Benoliel | The Citizen Network
Nodle is an IoT and connectivity network provider. The company has built a network for collecting data from remote devices that do not have regular Internet connections. This network is of value to companies that manufacture and/or own hardware and want to gather data from these remote devices. We refer to these companies as ‘subscribers’, and they pay cash (and eventually coins) to receive a service from the network. The Nodle network is live and operating today. Nodle believes that using a tokenized blockchain will greatly enhance the value of the network to network participants. To this end, Nodle plans to introduce a digital coin the NODL. The company will introduce a finite pool of NODL. Contributors to the network (i.e. app developers) will earn NODL coins by providing connectivity through a proof of work, or “proof of connectivity”, which generates data about remote devices.

Eric Li

ALZA is an off-chain technology powered infrastructure for high-frequency and micropayment applications. ALZA is an end-to-end solution which links the dedicated high-throughput blockchain with self-organizing payment fields. This mechanism allows [an] arbitrary set of users to create payment fields that process extremely low latency transactions within each field. Therefore, users can make transactions almost immediately. Since all transactions are conducted within fields, transaction costs will be reduced by several orders of magnitude. In addition, ALZA distributes [a] main ledger to each client through an innovative replication mechanism. Therefore, the system will be significantly more robust to blockchain system failures. In theory, ALZA can complete millions of transactions in one second, which naturally supports high-frequency trading.

Manshu Agarwal

Ponder is a mobile game for playing matchmaker where you can win real money for making successful matches. Ponder decentralizes matchmaking, allowing anybody to play matchmaker for their friends and a community of singles. Users drag and drop photos of singles that they think could be a good match based on their profiles’ info. For every successful match a matchmaker earns $10, and $1000 if they eventually marry. Singles receive a curated stream of quality dates suggested by friends and a community of matchmakers. The beta product currently has 70k registered users with high levels of engagement from both singles and matchmakers. Ponder will later be extended to other forms of social connection eg. matchmaking for friendships, business, and interests. Ultimately, the vision is for a decentralized platform that creates new connections between people in a fun and mutually rewarding manner.

John Richards

Difuon is a Decentralized Federated Ephemeral Edge Computing Platform and Marketplace. The cloud will be displaced by the fog as the future home of data integration and analytics computing. The global Difuon Fog is the only decentralized federated ephemeral edge computing platform and marketplace that will meet the upcoming demands by connecting buyers and sellers of computing power and associated applications.

David Alexander

BitClaims is a full service blockchain-based tool that enables value-based Direct Primary Care (DPC). BitClaims is a blockchain-based smart contract enabled platform for patients and service providers (e.g. primary care physicians and general practitioners) to connect directly to schedule health services, render payments, and execute terms. BitClaims empowers patients to self-capitalize and crowdsource their healthcare plans. Patients and providers can contract primary and elective (cosmetic) care services via the blockchain, in a trustless, secure environment that provides a mathematical proof that funds are available and the terms of services are executed. This network provides value for service providers seeking to alleviate the pains associated with dealing under the scope and inefficiencies of third parties. BitClaims network seeks to both eliminate administrative inefficiencies related to currently-implemented physician compliance programs and increase value savings to health providers by reducing the need for recoupment actions and bulky overhead costs.

Randy Hencken

Founded in 2017 by the Executive Director and Seavangelist of The Seasteading Institute, a Belarusian businessman, a former Polynesian government minister, and a French entrepreneur, Blue Frontiers is a company made up of passionate individuals from Polynesia and Beyond.
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