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Zoom Webinar: F50 VIP Room 483 965 100

F50 Global Insight Channel youtube.com/c/F50F50SVE Youtube Channel: http://youtube.com/c/SVESiliconValleySVEZoom Webinar: F50 VIP Room 483 965 100

LIVE @11:00 AM  CST / 9AM PST
Panel: Woman In Startup Ventures
Moderator, Martín Martinez, Foudner Insitutte Texas
Lisa Besserman, Managing Director, EXPA VC
Jaleh Daie, Partner, Chairman, Aurora equity/ Chairman, AgFood Tech, Band of Angels
Lake Dai, Partner, LDV Partners

LIVE @11:30 AM CST / 9:30AM PST
Roundtable: Post Pandemic Investment

Nikolai Oreshkin, Managing Partner, Elysium Venture Capital
Stephanie Campbell, General Partner, The Artemis Fund
Wendy Hua, Managing Partner, CZV Capital
Su Xu, Partner, Amino Capital
Canice Wu, SalesForce
Moderator, Pavan Kumar, 3PM Venrures
Moderator, David Cao, F50 Ventures

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