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SVE Global Demo Finale 20206 SVE Demo Winners select from the SVE Demo from July to oct 13 will compete for the  “SVE Startup of the Year 2020” title

Judge Panel:
Bill Reichert, Managing Director, Garage Technology Ventures 
Canice WU, Product Innovator and Investor; Former Vice President at RocketSpace/ President at Plug and Play Tech Center; Founder & CEO at Insights OnDemand; VP & GM at Siebel Systems 
David Cao, Partner, F50 Elevate | F50 Ventures
 Keith Teare Managing Partner Accelerated Digital Ventures 
Paul Singh , Successful Entrepreneur, Educator & CMO – Founder/CEO of 5 startups with one IPO and 3 M&AOkera 
Pavan Kumar Partner @ F50 Elevate, ex-founder, investor & mentor @ Alchemist, MassChallenge & Faster Capital
Scott Armanini Disruptive Innovation @USC Iovine & Young Academy;

SVE Demo Winners (Finalist)

Agribody Technologies, Inc. (ATI’s) novel target-validated genome editing platform technology significantly increases crop yield, stress tolerance, and shelf life of agricultural products – reducing food waste.  We make a true triple bottom line contribution for impact-oriented investors:  People, Planet & Profit.  Briefly, our technology and business model will significantly contribute to increased food security and increased Agricultural Resilience / Sustainability.  Licensing (potato, corn, soy, banana, camelina, rose) and co-development (tomato, canola, rice) projects are underway with multiple seed companies.

Avirtech: Avirtech provides crop intelligence including plantation control systems for monitoring site conditions through aerial and ground sensors, such as topography, crop health, soil quality, rainfall and farm operations activity and other processes important for production cycles. 

Botzee increases efficiencies and eliminates workplace injuries within hospitals by handling physically demanding and repetitive tasks. We do this through autonomous mobile robots, which can move the existing FDA approved carts within hospitals, and even disinfect patient rooms with UV light due to a modular design.

Dokat, Inc is a Biotech-Robotics Research and Manufacturing company headquartered in Chicago, USA. Company’s objective is to make novel augmented purifier products using A.I. Current product line includes DOKAT Deep UV Air sterilizer, Air sterilizer robots and A.I. Guaranteed Irradiation devices.

Epilert’s bracelet is a smart epilepsy monitoring device using 5 biosensors along with machine learning to offer the finest technology to detect and predict epilepsy seizures, and immediately alert caregivers.

UMEHEAL provides the leading healthcare technology, products and services to help people stay healthier and stronger.

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