Silicon Valley, CA – Jan 15, 2019 – DeepTech Summit, over 200 corporate executives, investors, and select founders gathered at the summited hosted by F50, Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs, at Draper University on Jan 11 on the week of JPM Morgan  conference.

22 select startups presented in the DeepTech Summit, including 15 health tech startups, 7 DeepTech startups. 11 of them has raised more than $20M. Experts from Stanford, Berkeley, Kaiser, UCSF, Accenture presented. The DeepTech Summit attracted many corporate representatives from Google, Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, etc.

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AI, Aging (Longevity), predictive health are the hottest topics for the health part of the summit.

Summit was kicked-off by F50 Founder David Cao who pictured a world with billions of long-living and healthier people followed by the announcement of the F50 Report on top 50 startups & investors who improve health for the humanity.

Kaiser Permanente MD Uli K.Chettipally. Presented his view on AI VS. Human in Healthcare. Stanford Sr Research Scientist of Pathology Dr. Mang Yu believe that AI will modernize the Classic Chinese Medicine. Alex Zhavoronkov, Insilico Medicine presented AI in longevity.

Neurotrack’s Founder & CEO Elli Kaplan was interviewed by F50 Founder David Cao for Global Aging and Technology Innovation.

Prathamesh Prabhudesai, physician and Entrepreneur In Residence at F50, moderated a high-profile panel on predictive health and next generation medical devices powered by data science. The featured panelists included Daniel Burnett, Professor at UCSF and Stanford, founder and CEO of Theranova a medical device incubator, Lu Zhang, founder and managing partner at Fusion Capital, Joe Urban, CEO of Potrero medical a predictive health startup with high traction product. The panel discussed how medical devices with AI capabilities can improve care, reduce costs, and increase accessibility.

EVVEMI, Founder & CEO Maria Malavenda hosted a Fireside Chat with DNAtix co-Founder Galit Lidsky. The discussion focused on the use of digitized DNA data and it’s immediate impact within healthcare. DNAtix is the first company to transfer a complete Genome Sequence across blockchain. The two also covered how DNA will play an integral role in all aspects of our lives, not just health, and how we can ensure it’s privacy and security within an ecosystem like DNAtix.

Google & Johnson Johnson funded Verb Surgical brought the vision of future surgery. Doctor On Demand which raised $160M demoed its AI-powered remote solution for pantient.

KJ Jia, Partner at F50 Labs, shared F50’s vision on connecting corporate with startups ecosystem empower innovation. KJ mentioned that the core of the F50’s ecosystem is the communities. Since F50 runs 5 different communities in the Bay Area, its voice could reach to over 100,000 entrepreneurs, developers, investors, and corporate executives locally. In 2019, F50 will be focusing on three core business: F50 Summit; F50 Database; and F50 Report. KJ said: F50 is a verb, which means F50 is not just a platform or event company. F50 is a process of selecting the most innovative startups in Silicon Vally.

Robotic and AI are also the highlights for the afternoon DeepTech section.

Silicon Valley rising star Knightscope showed off the new generation K5 robot.   Silicon Valley new startups Previse AI founded by AI professor Roy Labban who has a long history in real estate space, wow to improve contruction efficiency significantly.  AutoX Founder Jianxiong Xiao presented the future of delivery powered by Democratizing Autonomy. Behavioral Signals CEO Rana Gujral strongly believe The future of AI is emotion AI.

GrubMarket, who just acquired Chasin Foods, shared the company’s vision for technology disruption of the food ecosystem, which enable the integration with over 10 acquisitions.

Sapphire Ventures fellow and former Amazon VP Tatyana Mamut shared her view of avoiding culture challenges in venture investors and startup culture. Caroline Winnett, Executive Director of Berkeley Skydeck shared her views on how Venture Capital will Fund Éducation.

SETI Institute (NASA) Research Scientist Oana Marcu moderated a panel for Venture Funding & Corporate Partnership, with Nikolai Oreshkin, Managing Partner of Elysium Venture Capital, David Chen, Operating Partner, and Sequoia Broadband, and Silicon Valley Sergey, IIR.

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“We always want to help the best startups,” said Prathamesh, EIRof F50

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