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Seventh.ai has one mission: that every inventor, tech entrepreneur, and startup CEO has access to patenting tools at little to no cost, with uninhibited access to best practices for commercializing the technology of the future. We formed Seventh.ai because innovation is inversely proportional to the size of the company, and most life-changing discoveries are made by those who have few resources to claim ownership and enjoy the benefits of their creativity.
We aim to give founders the tools to help organize all IP, e.g. patents, trademarks, trade secrets safely, easily and affordably.


Alex Polyansky

Founder & CEO

Angela Lau


Cathy Lippert


Alex Polyansky has 16+ years experience in the IP/patent industry. He was a patent examiner for 10 years at the USPTO in chemicals and materials, and worked as an IP advisor/consultant for the past six years advising founders and startups on IP filing and commercialization strategy. He is prior service military and twice immigrant, Alex has traveled to over 40 countries and loves to garden and play chess. His superpower is team building. He holds a BS in chemical engineering from Lafayette College and an MBA from Berkeley-Haas.

Angela Lau is a B2B Saas industry professional with 15+ years, having product management and analytics roles at LG, Apple and Hostfully. Recently, Angela build LG’s first version of Data Marketplace for consortium members. It is a permissioned, enterprise grade, decentralized data exchange platform for data professionals and industry consortium’s who value control and privacy at a global scale. In the past, Angela helped Apple to redesign and build a new data platform for Apple Online Store and Apple.com, when the two domains got merged, which handles petabytes of data. Her superpower is networking. Angela holds a MS CS from USC and an MBA from Berkeley-Haas.

Cathy Lippert is an enterprise software and B2B veteran, with 30+ years in the industry. She has served on the executive team and in many positions on the corporate license/acquisition spectrum, including a startup exit (Flashline to BEA Systems 2006 and Oracle 2008), and with OnShift thru Series C (2013). She has managed a software product portfolio worth $200M in revenue, and grown new license revenue to $19M and $30M+ from single digits. At Oracle, she managed a ~$100Mn/yr SOA solution and helped place products in the Gartner and Forrester leadership positions, holding 2 patents herself. Her superpower is business insight. Cathy holds a BA from Smith College.