7EDU is a global educational tech company (K-12 Focus) with advanced technological integration & adaptive teaching methods. 7Edu Provide personalized and best quality online education to students all over the world through highly specialized teachers using technology platform.

7Edu caters to students by having live group classes with personalized services through our platform. 7Edu not only helps students with their school work but also provide courses that are not offered in school curriculums. 7Edu is gradually using AI to replace repetitive manual labor tasks to support our world class teachers and to offer students instant support worldwide and high quality services.

7EDU Jun Liu Presentation at F50 Global Capital Summit Summit 2020

Founded in 2014, 7EDU’s mission is to maximize each students’ intellectual potential through a personalized and engaging education system. 7EDU provides students with academic enrichment and brings a positive alternative to online education.

7Edu is a portfolio company of F50 Elevate accelerator.

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