F50 is a proud three-time investor in Knightscope – developer of crime fighting autonomous security robots.  They now have machines operating live with clients in nearly a dozen locations across California and are gearing up for a nationwide rollout.

The SEC recently qualified the Knightscope Reg A+ “mini-IPO” preferred stock offering and it will go live on Wed 10 January 2017.  And, yes, in 2017 you can now invest in a hot Silicon Valley startup completely online here:

Click Here to Invest in Knightscope

Security is a real problem worth working on that truly impacts everyone.  Knightscope’s mission to cut crime in half will take time but they are off to a very strong start – and F50 is excited to have been an early investor and supporter.

Now it is your chance to do the same. You can do your part by buying shares online in Knightscope and back the effort to make the world a safer place – with groundbreaking technology!