Here’s what you missed at SVEDemo HealthTech 2020!


F50 Elevate would like to thank Draper University, TiE SV, Startups, and attendees for making this event successful. Here is a quick recap of what you missed at SVE Demo Night – HealthTech 2020!

Welcome Remarks

David Cao, Managing Partner, F50 Elevate

David Cao inaugrated the program with an update about F50 Elevate and its involvement in HealthTech Space. He further announced the upcoming Global Capital Summit.

Kumar Sripadam, Chair, TiE Angels

Kumar Sripadam gave a warm welcome to the audience and elaborated on the upcoming TiEcon on May 8 & 9th and the latest programs by TiE Angels.

Keynote Speakers 

Keath Teare, Chair of Advisory Board, F50 Elevate

Serial Entrepreneur Keith Teare articulated the team quality, story, and traction behind the art of fundraising.  He further described how F50 Elevate adds value to startups by addressing their key pain points.

Daniel Teo, Managing Partner, Hunniwell Lake Ventures

VC Daniel Teo elucidated his investment thesis for medical devices and the surgical sector. He gave remarkable insights about the I 3 approach (Identify-Invent-Implement) and its benefits.

Dr. Uli Chettipally, CEO, InnovatorMD

Dr. Uli Chettipally expanded on the big picture in HealthCare. His talk highlighted the key questions entrepreneurs should ask while inventing and developing new technologies in HealthCare.

HealthTech Panel

John Racioppi(Moderator), Kamal Anand, Tatyana Kanzaveli, Daniel Teo and Dr. Uli Chettipally

Panel addressed key questions in HealthTech space such as:
1. With life expectancy increasing and the population aging, what developments in medical technology hold the most potential to drive down health care costs?
2. What areas of medical devices or technology do you think will attract the most investment over the next 5 years?
3. Have advances in medicine and technology simply allowed us to live longer or are we also living “better” (longer period of quality of life)
4. How were so many “smart” investors duped by Theranos?  Do you think this will give investors any ongoing anxiety when evaluating breakthrough technologies?

Startup Demos (4 minute pitch + 2 min Q&A)

Judges, Vineet Jain and David Elizey
The following Startups pitched at SVE Demo: 

Winner Announcement

Group picture of judges & winners of SVE Demo
Judges at the round table finalizing the winners

Congratulations to Payssurance and Nanospun for winning the SVE Demo!

Payssurance Health Savings Account with On-Demand Funds and Advisor provides a solution for ever-increasing out-of-pocket costs, and an important benefit for reducing costs and improving access to care for the modern worker, plans and employers.

NanoSpun Technologies makes tailored and personalized biological cell-based treatment a tangible reality. NanoSpun develops and produces disruptive first-of-its-kind live-active biological tissues for cosmetics, well-being and health applications. Our game-changing products and technology turn biology into engineered solutions, offer the ultimate control over the biological cells and harness the power of biology for day to day use as well as for advanced medical solutions.