OUR PORTFOLIO COMPANIES are among the most cutting-edge technology companies in the world. Our venture capital investments cover a broad spectrum of technologies and markets, including software, hardware, telecommunications, robotics, materials science, artificial intelligence, and medical technologies.


Plastiq provides an e-commerce payment platform that enables consumers to pay with a credit card of choice regardless of merchant acceptance.


Knightscope has developed an autonomous technology platform for the prediction and prevention of crimes to create safe, more engaged communities. Knightscope utilizes autonomous robots, predictive analytics, and social engagement to seek out unlawful activities within a geo-fenced area.


VOKE has delivered the first virtual reality capture and stream technology that enables viewers to experience immersive VR video in real time, on any device – phone, tablet, smart TV, or any commercial VR headset. VOKE provides a revolutionary offering to its partners in the form of a turnkey, consumer-controlled, live-event virtual reality solution.


Flirtey is a drone delivery service enabling instant gratification for e-commerce. Flirtey is set to revolutionize e-commerce industries that rely on last mile delivery. Drones enable a switch from hub-and-spoke to point-to-point delivery, enabling instant gratification.

Robotic VISION Technologies

Robotic VISION Technologies, LLC (RVT) is a privately held software and support services company. It is independent and strategically positioned to serve the machine vision industry which is experiencing significant growth.


VentureShares is the late stage affiliate investment fund of Decent Capital, the angel investment and family office of Mr. Jason Zeng, the co-founder and Ex-COO of Tencent Holdings. VentureShares focuses on both primary and secondary shares investments in late stage Unicorns, in China and Silicon Valley.


Oculii develops an advanced 4D radar sensor which provides precise 4D (3D [X,Y,Z] positioning and speed) tracking data. The technology can be applied on intelligence transportation, self-driving cars, intelligent enforcement, and advanced driver assistant, etc. It raised over $1m after F50 Season 1.


Gummicube provides App Store Optimization (ASO) service for app developers to help their creative apps be easily searched and discovered by users with big data analytics, related software, and focus groups. They have clients and partners with several big corporations like Zynga, Sony Pictures, Staples, and NBC Universal.

Applied Cavitation, Inc.

Applied Cavitation, Inc. (ACI) is a nanotechnology process and formulation company. The ACI innovation, applied hydrodynamic cavitation, is built on a naturally occurring process called cavitation, where bubbles are formed and subsequently collapsed. ACI is dedicated to unlocking and harnessing the true potential of nanomaterials.

CoolChip Technologies

CoolChip Technologies develops an innovative air-moving paradigm using Kinetic Cooling Technologies for electronics cooling. Their patent-pending technologies offer high-performance, energy-efficient, cost-effective cooling in a smaller, quieter, lighter form factor than traditional solutions. They raised a $3.3M Series A early this year after F50 Season 3.

Presdo Match

Founded by one of LinkedIn’s co-founder, Eric Ly, Presdo creates a networking and event mobile app that helps attendees get the most out of any conference and organizers increase attendance and awareness.


OwnerListens provides real time, location aware, private messaging between businesses & customers.


DarcMatter is a fully transactional platform that provides transparent institutional-level access to private investment opportunities such as venture capital, private equity, hedge funds, and commercial debt products.


Dynaoptics develops a new kinds of lens structure that can significant reduce the size, weight, and cost of regular lens on smartphones and other portable devices. They recently finished a seed round of over $1.5M from Sierra Angels, Sand Hill Angels, Stanford StartX fund, zPark Ventures, and F50.

Vital Enterprises

Vital Enterprises creates a revolutionary software platform for Smart Glass. Vital’s software enables instant hands-free access to the information and remote team support they need to eliminate errors and complete complex tasks quickly and confidently.