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Residence Program

F50 is looking for a few amazing people to join our Residence Program as an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) or Investor in Residence (IIR) on a part-time basis, in HealthTech field

The main responsibilities will be searching and evaluating potential amazing startups, and engaging investors in the ecosystem broadly for a few of the following products (further details are on F50 website):

  • Global Capital Summit
  • F50 Elevate Accelerator
  • F50 Global Capital Insight ranking report

Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIR) program is designed for new entrepreneurs or founders-to-be to involved in the venture ecosystem before his/her startup takes off or expands, or while they are exploring what to do next between companies. EIRs should have a strong interest in being at the top of the cutting-edge innovation, as well as a desire to help and engage companies in the sector(s) where they have expertise and experience. EIRs should be willing to devote their time to be involved with F50, and should have expertise in at least one of the sectors in which F50 is active. A minimum of six-month commitment is required for EIR.

Investor in Residence (IIR) program is designed for new investors with financial capability who would like to become more involved in investment in the future. A minimum of a one-year commitment is required for IIR.

EIRs will help F50 to engage more with the Founder Community in events, training, and research and investor connections. IIR will focus more on activities related to investment deals.

Qualifications of EIR

  • Previously founded a startup company in the past, or has senior-level experience in a very innovative VC backed or public company.
  • Currently in the process of launching or have launched a new startup or a new venture and plans to raise funds in the future.
  • Expertise in at least one of the sectors below and a formal education in related scientific/technical fields.
  • Minimum of three years of technical or business experience in a startup environment, with a lot of energy to continue innovation.
  • Passion to be an active participant in venture ecosystem, including networking with investors and founders.
  • A vast network of founders, and the ability to refer qualified startups to F50.

Qualifications of IIR (Venture Partner)

  • Previously successfully founded one or more venture-backed startup companies in the past, or has senior-level experience in a very innovative company, or started in the investment business in a junior role or in a part-time position.
  • Successful record of investment or exit(s) strongly preferred.
  • Currently in the process of advancing your career to become a professional investor in the next few years (part-time is acceptable).
  • Have solid understanding of Venture Investment process.


Has expertise in one or two of the following sectors:

  1. Health and Life Sciences
  2. AgTech
  3. Deep Tech Smart Hardware, Robotics, IoT
  4. Other


  • VIP access to all F50 events.
  • First-hand engagement with amazing founders
  • Access to F50’s broad investor network
  • Access to F50’s office and meetings room in Palo Alto


We are looking for a minimum commitment of 8+ hours per week. more hours are needed during the peak time of different programs. Additionally, please note that this is an independent contractor position without base pay. Incentives may be given in the form of equity, bonus, and carry after fulfillment of commitments..

Please send your resume, Linkedin, investor profile (IIR only), and your availability to Please include the word “EIR” or “IIR” or “Venture Partner” in the subject line. For founders, please include your record of venture funding or exit. For Investors, please include your investment record.

If you are not eligible for EIR or IIR program, you can apply to be a volunteer for F50’s Global Capital Summit both during the event, and in advance. Please state your availability and email with “GCS Volunteer” in the subject line.


F50 Elevete team is looking for one or two experienced expert to join the manage team. Agressive incentives for startup recruiting, and deal management. 

Qualifications of Venture Partner

  • Previously successfully founded one or more venture backed startup companies in the past, or has senior-level experience in a very successful company, or started in the investment business in a junior role or in a part-time position.
  • Successful record of investment or exit(s) strongly preferred
  • Currently in the process of advancing your career in professional investing  (part-time is acceptable).
  • Have solid understanding of Venture Investment process.  

Why We Started F50 Elevate

With the slow down in early-stage funding over the past few years, it has become more challenging for great startup founders to raise capital at the speed they require. F50 Elevate would like to put our focus and energy to help the great founders from our community to move faster to the next level. F50 Elevate, F50 Ventures, F50 Network, Global Capital Insight Report, and our communities together will serve as the funnel to identify great founders for our investors.

Program Outline

The first program is scheduled for September 25 through December 10. F50 Elevate will focus on applicants’ fundraising skills to be successful in their next round of funding. The list below is an outline of the scheduled activities:

  1. Opening Boot Camp
  2. Video Recording/Media Day
  3. Top Investor Office Visits
  4. Midterm Pitch Evaluation
  5. Global Capital Summit – Fall 2019
  6. Graduation Ceremony
  7. Optional: F50 Connect – International Trip
  8. Weekly mentor day


HealthTech (Medical devices, Life sciences, Digital health, Integrated medicine, etc)


DeepTech (New material, AI, Smart hardware, Mobility, IoT, etc)

Sustainability (GreenTech , FoodTech, CleanTech, etc)

Mentorship Options

  1. Group Mentor (No incentive)

Group mentors will do a formal seminar style talk to the Elevate founders, and answer questions. We will need to work with you on the topic which is needed for the founders.

  1. One to One mentor (startup stock as incentive)

We will do a two-way matching for you to meet with the founders and select a startup which you have a strong interest in engaging details. You need to commit 8 meetings during the program.

Speak At F50 Summit

You have the option to participate as a speaker at the upcoming F50 Summit, which will be held on Oct 16. F50 Summit™ is one of Silicon Valley’s flagship events for the startup venture ecosystem. The summit will feature 20 highly innovative technology startups selected by F50 Elevate™ and 30 speaking sessions including thought-leader talks, investment trends, cutting-edge innovations, multiple network sessions, and we will expect over 500 attendees including F50 Elevate™ mentors,  angel investors, venture capitalists, corporate executives, long-term investors, and a group of high-potential local early founders.

Benefits For Mentorship

  • VIP access to all the F50 Summit™ and F50 Elevate™ events
  • Access to F50 investor and professional network
  • Early access to F50 Elevate’s startup funders & deal flow
  • Access to F50 Silicon Valley entrepreneur communities: 100,000 members

Create and implement new business strategies

  • Draft the annual marketing strategy and set up the long-term marketing goal to develop new marketing channels and partners; 
  • Promote F50 as a Venture Capital KOL (Key Opinion Leader), this could involve social media and in-person; presentation and blogging;
  • Monitor market trends and competitor’s moment to identify new business and partnership opportunities;
  • Lead the team to draft [Silicon Valley Investment Financial Research Report] (Tech industry-focused) which could influence prospects via F50 events and social media
  • Lead the team to draft [Global Investment Financial Research Report] (Tech industry-focused) which could influence prospects via F50 events and social media
  • Contribute toward strategic alliances for win-win outcomes including connecting companies sourced from F50 with targeted internal partners for technology and business evaluations and collaboration to ensure maximum business outcomes for F50 and portfolio companies; 
  • Host events and conferences for F50 to connect startup companies.

Analyze the startup company to evaluate risk and returns 

  • The objective is to produce revenue for F50 by selecting the right high-risk investments to generate the highest potential returns on investment; 
  • Assist with sourcing of compelling investment candidates and conduct an initial review of investment prospects and assess deal fit against F50’s strategic fit and investment criteria;
  • Interview startup CEO and CFO and conduct evaluation to determine investment strategies, and draft term sheets which includes investment planning;
  • Perform due diligence on prospective new investments by researching auditing evidence, evaluating financial forecast, and conducting financial risk analysis;
  • Gather performance metrics and financial statements from portfolio companies and create [Financial Planning and Control Report] for the post-investment management; 
  • Analyze financial data gathered from the portfolios and develop financial solutions and alternative methods of financial planning.