F50 Partners with Bad Ass Advisors

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Bad Ass Advisors which offers F50’s Founder Network access to their private, curated network of over 500 Silicon Valley advisors. Bad Ass Advisors’ network features executives from top organizations, including LinkShare, Strava, IDEO, and Zynga. In addition to free advisory services, F50 founders can also receive help with legal agreements, compensation calculators and other startup resources.

F50 founders will have the opportunity to work closely with Bad Ass Advisors who can match them with advisors that can help them with sales, business development, fundraising, and more.

For more details on how F50 and Bad Ass Advisors can help founders, contact us.

Bad Ass Advisors Announces Partnerships With Nation’s Top Accelerators and Founders Networks

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