Dear Founders & Investors,

Since its inception in 2014, F50 has been discovering extraordinary startups throughout SIlicon Valley and connecting them with our global investor network (ranging from angels and VCs to global FoFs and sovereign wealth funds). We have hosted dozens of major entrepreneur and investor events featuring high-impact speakers and participants, such as our Seasons, Founder World, our bi-annual flagship Global Capital Summit (April 6), and the DeepTech Summit.

Through the course of these events and other activities, F50 has received thousands of international investors and corporate leaders visiting Silicon Valley looking to tap into the innovation ecosystem and get connected with great startups. Local corporates also have many of their own programs and initiatives, which they are looking to more deeply integrate into the startup ecosystem. As a result of this demand and many similar requests, we’ve decided to formalize a corporate membership program.

Starting this spring, F50 will offer a premium membership tier to a select group of corporations from its global network to empower the success of their investment, M&A, and other innovation initiatives in Silicon Valley and throughout North America. F50 Corporate Membership [beta] acts as a force multiplier, enabling corporate partners and global investment firms to supercharge their Silicon Valley strategy.

F50 Corporate Membership [beta]

Types of Corporate Members Accepted:

  • International Public Companies
  • Top Tier International Funds
  • Top Tier Silicon Valley VC funds
  • Long Term Investors (FoF, Asset Management, sovereign wealth funds, etc.)
  • Corporate or Corporate Ventures from publicly listed Silicon Valley corporations

What this means for entrepreneurs: Now, more than ever, connecting with F50 will not only mean getting in touch with our vast and deep network of investors, but also to tap into relevant corporates in your industry vertical, with the potential to partner or have them become strategic investors for your company.

We warmly welcome your input as we develop this program and look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events.


Martin Stroka
Co-founder, F50

Our upcoming events:
Global Capital Summit: Spring 2017
Global Capital Summit: Fall 2017