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VoiceSell increases mobile conversion rates by utilizing the latest in NLP/AI technology to instantly energize any eCommerce site with a voice sales assistant that provides a robust conversational experience to drive the website, eliminating the need to shop using a small mobile keyboard and freeing the entire screen to enhance the customer’s experience.VoiceSell delivers on this vision via a service that can be instantly be added to any eCommerce site (simply add a tag) which provides a completely interactive, conversational one-touch voice assistant that drives the commerce website. You simply talk to the store’s online sales assistant and shop!


Michael McEvoy


Michael McEvoy is a change agent at startups as well as J&J as CIO/CTO and Adobe – responsible for Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects. Previously CTO, CEO, and COO in Blockchain (Liquineq), mobile messaging (Cola, Scayl, and SView), IoT (Streetline), and Enterprise (Deem, Icarian, Confluent, ArborText).