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Lifescient, Inc.

Lifescient is a development stage pet therapeutics company focused on improving the quality of care for pets and eliminating the challenges that are associated with the administration of medicine to pets.


Kamalesh Rao


Deepak Pingalay


Dr. Vidya Hebbar, PhD

VP, Product Development

Kamalesh Rao, Founder & CEO, has over 20 years of experience in drug discovery and development of pharmaceuticals, implant dosage development, and product approvals. He played a pivotal role in the chemical development of Fulyzaq®, only the second botanical to be approved by USFDA and Probuphine®, the first-ever implantable formulation to deliver long-lasting medication to people addicted to opioids. He has directed the chemical development of more than 10 New Chemical Entities (NCE), both small molecules, oligonucleotides, and biologics. Kamalesh graduated with a BS in Pharmaceutical technology from the Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) in Mumbai and received his MS in Chemistry from the University of Oklahoma.

Deepak Pingalay, Chief Operating Officer – Team leader with experience in Product Development and Business Operations. At Lifescient, Deepak is a multifunctional leader, enabling the CEO in planning and execution, identifying partnerships with accelerator programs, venture arms of pharmaceutical companies, angels and investors and collaborating with R&D on roadmap and delivery. He brings to Lifescient much-needed skills in strategy development and positioning companies for scale and growth. Deepak holds two patents. He is a seed investor in Consumer Electronics, mobile app and animal health industries.

Dr. Vidya Hebbar is experienced in conducting drug utilization reviews, identifying drug candidates for reformulation into Lifescient’s delivery platforms, and creating a product pipeline. Dr. Hebbar has a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics from the University of Oklahoma and is a registered pharmacist in the states of California, Maryland and New York.