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INTUS applies biological network modeling to drug discovery and development. Next-generation sequencing has exploded the availability of omic data in life sciences, but the application to drug R&D is limited by gaps in mapping these data to biology. INTUS integrates omic data with the most comprehensive maps of biological networks to accelerate drug discovery and improve the odds of clinical trial success. Built upon the mature platform of our Chief Scientist, Igor Jurisica, we engage drug companies as clients and partners and discover assets to out-license. We currently seek capital to fund growth, offering an asset-diversified option to invest at the intersection of the life and data sciences.


Kenneth Beers

Chief Operating & Commercial Officer

Jeff Gruen, MD


Igor Jurisica, Ph.D., DrSc

Chief Scientist

Kenneth Beers leads the operations of INTUS, building upon fifteen years’ experience in life sciences. A chemical engineer by training, Kenneth lead a research group applying computational methods to drugs and biomaterials while on the faculty of MIT. Later switching to industry, Kenneth worked with leading drug companies to develop and commercialize innovative therapies while at McKinsey and as a Partner at boutique consulting firms, where Kenneth led efforts to apply advanced analytics to life sciences.

Jeff Gruen is a leading healthcare executive and strategy advisor. He is an acknowledged leader in the industry and pioneer in digital health innovation. He has previously helped build four innovative healthcare companies. He currently serves as a Senior Partner, helping to lead PwC’s Healthcare Enterprise Strategy Practice. Jeff holds a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School and a Doctor of Medicine from Northwestern University’s Honors Program in Medical Education, and he graduated from a pediatric residency at Yale New Haven Hospital. He is a former clinical professor at Harvard Medical School and a board-certified pediatrician, as well as an experienced emergency room physician.

Igor Jurisica is an experienced senior scientist with a demonstrated history of working in the biotechnology industry. Skilled in Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, (big data) analytics, data mining, machine learning, Data Visualization, Image Processing, and high-performance computing.