Simon Lancaster

Simon Lancaster
Simon Lancaster
Name: Simon Lancaster
Title: Advanced Materials and Prototyping lead
Company: Apple Inc.


Simon is personally responsible for spearheading materials and prototyping technology innovations to enable future generations of products. Integrated into a team that leads the design of Apple’s next-generation products that are 3-4 years out: conceptualization, prototyping and materials development.

He is continuously researching and developing in order to stay ahead of the curve in the following fields: advanced prototyping, advanced polymers and composites, additive manufacturing, technical fabrics and softgoods, lightweight wearables, glass and ceramics fabrication, ingress prevention including super hydrophobics and DWRs, highly functional architected materials, metal matrix composites, cold spray technology, thermal management laminate composites, carbon fiber composites and CFRTP, high performance adhesives and polymers, and other advanced materials.


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