Sangeeta Agarawal

Sangeeta Agarawal
Sangeeta Agarawal
Name: Sangeeta Agarawal
Title: CEO/Founder
Company: Helpsy Health


I believe in living life to the fullest by bringing #WholeYOU to all that you do. My goal in life to facilitate this for the world by creating #ActionableHope through my work. The mission matters more than me, the team matters more than an individual. I am not afraid to roll up my sleeves or survive in trenches, or keep trying till we figure it out, I can lead or I can follow. I live to see a better world and be part of change making process.

I bring together over 20 years of experience and demonstrated leadership skills in oncology, symptom management, integrative medicine combined with research and computer engineering. I am passionate about helping people live healthier, happier lives (Quality of life). My key strength is ability to bring rich experience of integrative medicine, technology, research and business domains together and create a bridge between them to deliver clinically meaningful outcomes. I’m passionate about translating research to practice and leveraging tech to enable viable healthcare solutions.

I serve on the board of NCI Integrative medicine, Lead innovation at Society of Integrative Oncology and Oncology nursing society (40k), ASU healthcare accelerator, Annie Appleseed project and in past on cancer moonshot with VP Joe Biden. I was selected by US state dept. to represent at GES as most inspiring entrepreneur and several times received entrepreneurship award (Stanford Medx 2017).

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