Randy Williams

Randy Williams
Randy Williams
Name: Randy Williams

Randy Williams, CEO/Founder, Keiretsu Forum


Randy Williams founded Keiretsu Forum in September 2000 to provide a disciplined and structured approach to angel investing. His passion for investing and bringing together like-minded community leaders has created a powerful and giving environment for entrepreneurs. With over 2,500 angel investor members throughout 46 chapters on three continents, Keiretsu Forum is the largest angel investment community in the world. Last year, Keiretsu Forum members invested $70 million in 134 companies throughout the network. There have been over 900 fundings since inception. Keiretsu Forum, headquartered in San Francisco, has offices throughout United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and India.

Mr. Williams is the founder of numerous Keiretsu companies that foster a ‘cradle to greatness’ platform for its portfolio, including Keiretsu Forum Academy, Keiretsu Capital, and Keiretsu Squared. Keiretsu Forum Academy is an educational company equipping entrepreneurs with a path toward funding and liquidity. Keiretsu Capital’s mission is to invest in its best of breed companies along with the world’s leading angel organizations. This creates a diversified portfolio for its limited partners while Keiretsu Squared is a business accelerator.

Mr. Williams is also the founder of the Keiretsu Forum Charitable Foundation. Since its inception in 2001, 114 deserving charities have been granted sizable donations. The goal of the Keiretsu Forum Charitable Foundation is to grant $250,000 annually, to worthy local charities throughout the Keiretsu Forum regional chapters.

Wheelchair Foundation: The Wheelchair Foundation provides wheelchairs to people in need around the world. The Foundation was founded by Keiretsu Forum member Ken Behring. In addition to the Keiretsu Forum Charitable Foundation providing monetary support, Ken Behring, me, and other Keiretsu members regular fly to foreign countries to help give wheelchairs to those who need them.

Relief International – Haiti Relief Project: In addition to monetary support, we had member presence in Haiti to provide emergency medical treatment to native Haitians.

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