Laura Franceschini

Laura Franceschini
Laura Franceschini
Name: Laura Franceschini
Title: Global Sustainability Strategy & Operations
Company: Google


I help companies create value and improve their bottom line by integrating sustainability principles into business strategies. I have 15 years of experience leading sustainability programs in large multinational corporations. I’ve captured cost savings, increased revenues, and driven efficiency improvements for Fortune 500 companies and other clients by resolving critical energy, waste, water, and supply chain issues. I’m committed to helping businesses transform sustainability challenges into market opportunities.

• Sustainability and corporate social responsibility strategy
• ESG metrics, reporting, and disclosures
• Sustainable operations management
• Sustainable systems thinking and design
• Energy management systems
• Stakeholder engagement
• Organizational and behavior change management
• Employee education and engagement
• Communications and marketing
• Diversity and inclusion
• Program management