Kumar Sripadam

Kumar Sripadam
Kumar Sripadam
Name: Kumar Sripadam
Title: Chairman
Company: Tie Silicon Valley


Kumar Sripadam is a technology entrepreneur, business consultant, angel/VC investor and mentor. He has 30+ years of experience in the high technology sector. He has held several senior and executive positions in various startups. Kumar was a Founding Member of Redback Networks, a hugely successful IPO company.

He is a Charter Member and a Board member of TiE-Silicon Valley. He is also the Chair of TiE Angels Silicon Valley. He is an Executive Committee Member of Arc Angel Fund NYC. He is also a mentor and an advisor at many Silicon Valley accelerators and incubators. He holds an MSEE from Southern Illinois University. He is a member of the honor society of Phi Kappa Phi.

Kumar Sripadam is an advisor at Moesif and at Truelark. He served on the board of Metacert and Incentive Logic. He is also involved with Palmstar Media Capital, Outdu, Appensure, etc. He is an active investor and an LP in The Hive, The Fabric, Angel Round Capital Fund (ArcAngels), Streamlined Ventures, AngelPad, BluePointe Ventures, MontaVista Capital, VU Ventures etc. His other investments include IFLY Silicon Valley, IFLY Hollywood, Palmstar Media Capital, SBPacificGroup etc.

His current areas of interest are Enterprise and Application software, Hardware, E-Commerce, Network and Cloud Infrastructure, AI/ML, Big Data, IOT, FinTech and Digital Health. As an active investor he has made 70+ individual investments such as Pubnub, Wanderu, Paystand, MobileForceSoftware, Bioz, Rigado, Pipedrive, PeriscopeData, Iterable, Shyft, Bitesize.io, Wevo, Fortella.ai, Axiom Energy, Novuson Surgical, Propelx etc. He has had many successful exits. Most recent exits include Synconset, Docusign, Cloudera, Intellivision, Metacert, Arrayent etc.


Kumar Sripadam是一位技术企业家,商业顾问,投资者和导师。他通过Kedge LLC处理他的业务。他在高科技领域拥有30年的经验。他曾在Righttag(Inova),Bluewave Networks(被Celestix收购)担任过多个高级和行政职位.Kumar是Redback Networks的创始团队成员,Redback Networks是一家成功的网络公司,他为系统和硬件做出了重要贡献。他感兴趣的领域包括企业和应用软件,电子商务,基础设施,AI / ML,大数据,物联网,金融科技和消费者产品。