June Riley

June Riley
June Riley
Name: June Riley
Title: CEO
Company: VC Taskforce


June is the CEO of VC Taskforce.

VC Taskforce™ has built an organization that the venture community can give input and direction to and get immediate results that benefit both investors and their portfolio companies.

We were established to provide a system of services including: business, legal and financial programs that provide real-time, strategic and tactical information addressing imminent concerns of venture capitalists and portfolio companies. VC Taskforce™ provides a forum for many types of investors: LPs, venture capital firms, institutional investors, PE and portfolio company management in which they can share ideas and information that will help them manage their businesses for maximum success.

We apply practical information to real problems and concerns in the Venture Community. The venture community may request programs and speakers.
Leaders in the Venture Community organize informational and networking events.

Visionary thinking, uncensored questions and opinionated discussions around pressing issues of the day that face our members are the hallmark of our events. In addition to great content, VC Taskforce programs also offer great networking, so join the more than 6,000 members and participants who know the benefits of Being Part Of VC Taskforce.